Story Boards

The 8 Identifiable Stages of Activities Related to the Spring

1. Pre-History
No Significant human activities

2. Tejas Alliance
Trade alliances centered around proven water source and location

3. The Spanish Expeditions
Various Spanish expeditions and trade route establishment

4. The Comanches
Sole rules of the areas with yearly activities centered around spring

5. Marcy Expedition thru Railroads 
Discovery and latter development by Americans

6. Early Pioneers and Ranchers
Significant individuals and families in early West Texas and Big Spring

7. The City to 1930
Establishment of the city, continued ranching and rail activity, Settles Hotels, Crossroads of West Texas

8. The City from 1930 to Present
Oil and its impact, Webb Air Force Base, philanthropic and medical development

The proposed site would include 8 engraved corten "Story-Boards" with educational signage