Sunset Big Spring

Welcome to Big Spring, TX where the sun’s ascent and its graceful descent transform the horizon into a painted canvas with the vibrant hues of orange, pink, yellow, blue, and purple making for a captivating spectacle. Immerse yourself in this magical experience through our 'Sunset Big Spring' campaign!

In this first phase of the Sunset Big Spring Campaign, the Sunrise Podium will be placed at the Historic Spring and the Sunset Podium at the Amphitheater in Comanche Trail Park. Coming shortly after, the Scenic Podium will rest atop the Mountain at Big Spring State Park. 


These artistic sculptures and true marvels of craftsmanship, created by local artist, the talented Rae Ripple. These monuments not only serve as location markers but also double as eye-catching works of art, blending seamlessly with the natural beauty of Big Spring. With plans to expand the Podium network to different attractions across town, offering even more opportunities for residents and visitors to explore our city's treasures and capture the beauty of our sunsets. Stay tuned for the arrival of new Podiums, each a unique masterpiece waiting to be discovered!



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Whether you’re a local looking to rediscover the beauty of our hometown or a curious traveler eager to explore, 'Sunset Big Spring' invites you to capture our illuminating sunsets and share them with us on our Socials.
Head out to a Podium and be sure to tag us and drop the #sunsetbigspring